Rapunzel’s Tower ~ A Tangled Surprise

My favorite thing about creating cakes is the new experiences it brings me every week. This cake was absolutely no exception. Andriea had a great challenge for me when she called and said her soon to be 3 yr old daughter wants a “Big Punzel cake” for her birthday. The Disney movie Tangled has been a staple in our house and I’ve wanted to try to tackle one of these cakes for a while now. I was nervously excited to take on the challenge.

After looking at pictures, thinking about large wooden base structures (which I’m totally new to) and lots of brainstorming, here’s the final product. Base of the cake is a 10″ Red Velvet Round and the tower itself is completely molded out of Rice Krispy cereal then covered in fondant. I’m really excited about the outcome and the doors it has opened. Especially putting Ray’s power tools to work creating BIGGER cakes!:)

Happy Birthday Jaylani!!