Which is your little ones favorite?  Character themed cakes…

Thomas the Train and Disney Cars has lasted much longer than most  “favorite character” phases in our house.  But we’ve definitely had our share of Mickey Mouse, Little Einsteins, and Princesses.  Here’s a few cakes that helped mark a special birthday for a few kids…

Disney Cars & Planes

Finding Nemo

Paw Patrol

Miles from Tomorrowland

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

  *Gum paste dogs ordered seperately


My favorite Minnie yet!

Happy Birthday Jaylani!

I was excited when this order came in because…who doesn’t love Minnie!?!?  To help make a two year old’s day special is an awesome thing in itself.  But when the cake came together and the final touches applied, I was a bit overwhelmed.  It is definitely my favorite cake yet!!  (I have been known to say this before, I know:))  It’s been about 5 months since my first order and I just can’t believe what this has turned into.  Thank you so much to everyone who has ordered and allowed me to add a little something to their special day.  Also a ton of thanks to everyone that has passed on my info or shared pictures of a cake.  It’s been fantastic and very rewarding.    Thank you!!!  Thank you!!!  Thank you!!!

The above is 3 tiers of cake.  Yes, everything including the hat is edible.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse~Happy Birthday Livi

Disney’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse…a very popular show on the Disney Channel for Preschoolers.  This large 2 tier cake includes Red Velvet on top and 3 layers of cake in the bottom tier…Yellow & Triple Chocolate Fudge.