Topsy turvy~Happy 15th!!



Anyone that’s been on this amazing cake journey with me knows how much I enjoy doing it. Each cake is a challenge that ends with excitement and joy for the recipient as well as myself. (Yes excitement…even after I experienced the harsh reality of a teenager chopping up my 4+ hours of work at a recent kids party that my cake was served at. I know, it happens every time, but I usually don’t have to watch it first hand!!:)

Ever since the first episodes of Ace of Cakes and The Cake Boss, the Topsy Turvy styled cake has been a huge favorite of mine. Here’s my first attempt. It includes 4″, 6″, and 8″ stacked cakes that helped celebrate Shelyse’s Golden 15th birthday. Cake was dressed in her favorite colors of red, black, & white and flavors were Red Velvet, Yellow, and Triple Chocolate Fudge.