Goodfellas birthday

“Am I here to amuse you?!?”  This famous quote tops Oscar’s Goodfellas Birthday cake.  Cake was designed to incorporate his favorite movie as well as his softball teams logo seen below.  The final result included a top hat, Tommy gun, & bullet holes.  What’s a mob cake without bullet holes?!?

The Circus comes to town for Hailey & Maddie

9 & 10″ tiers helped create this circus act.  Elephant is shaped out of fondant and his drum is a 4″ cake.  First attempt at an animal…;) ( I was very happy everyone could tell what he was!!)

modern twist~baby sports cake

What a fun cake to welcome Baby Georgie into his huge loving family.  He’ll be shootin’ hoops in no time.  Congrats Tonia & Steve!

A party for Sweets!!!








Little Miss Kendall turned one!!  She lived up to her nickname “sweets” as she gobbled up her smash cake!!!  Hope you had a wonderful day!!

Chicago Police Retirement Cake

Best wishes to Miguel Rivera on his retirement from the Chicago Police Department.  He also enjoyed many years as a Boxer so we incorporated that as well.  Hope you have many restful days ahead.

Niko’s new wheels

This cake included many of the details found on the birthday boys’ Favorite car.  Check out the Chicago skyline, 30th Birthday stop sign and the year he was born as the speed limit.  Hope you liked it Niko!!  Happy Birthday!

A Great Day…

















How would you spend “A Great Day??”

My Husbands ideal Birthday would be spent golfing with his favorite stogie.  The White Sox cap, Carrot cake, and cigar in his back pocket also fit the bill. Happy Birthday honey!

The cake is a mini tiered made from 4″ & 6″ rounds.  I’ve placed similar pictures side by side on purpose.  Do you see the difference?  Pictures on the left were after the cake was steamed.  This gives the cake a shine and said to be a more finished look.  The pictures on the right are without.  Which do you like better??  I’d love your feedback on this.

Happy New Year!!!!!


2011 Champs!! Go Fig’s!!
















Besides an awesome birthday, this 12 year-old also has a Championship to celebrate!  His Football team just came back from a Florida win to take the title of Pee-Wee National Champions!!  Way to go Saints!  Happy Birthday Fig’s!!

Thomas and the Butterflies

Two special kids, one huge party!  Stavros & Christina celebrated their day in each owns style.  Stavros loves Thomas & friends while Christina celebrated her day with butterflies.  Thanks so much for letting me create these for your party!

Beatles karaoke star













What a fun cake to do!!  I just can’t believe how many records the Beatles made…still in shock! Thanks to my mom for the Beatles education.  I was singing all night long.  This Karaoke lover enjoys singing all night too.  And of course his music of choice, The Beatles.  This was my first attempt at a character.  Thanks to Gloria for giving me the chance to experiment.:)