Jo Malone candle

Have you ever heard of a Jo Malone candle?  Neither had I before this order came through.  It’s a beautifully smelling, very expensive candle.  Here’s a less expensive cake version in Triple Chocolate & Red Velvet.  Happy Birthday Nori!

Sponge Bob & one happy kid!!

This little guy asked for a specific cake to make his day perfect.  According to mom, he was one happy kid!!  Happy Birthday Tommy! So glad you liked it.

Inside the cake was 2 layers of Triple Chocolate Fudge.  Everything is edible.

A Sewing Sensation~Happy Birthday Mom!!
















My mom’s birthday cake!:)  Her love of sewing shines through everything she creates from the baby quilts to the Halloween costumes and my Wedding dress.  Worlds Best!!:)  Happy Birthday Mom!

A Square dancing sailor

What do sailors and Square dancing have in common??  This birthday cake!  The birthday    celebrant here enjoys both.  This carrot cake is decorated in a nautical theme with small Square dancing details.  All of the life preservers have Square dancing calls on them.  The sailors’ shirts read “the caller” and “Do Si Do Champ.”  Happy Birthday Jerry!!