Hello all you cake lovers!

Thank you so much for visiting my kitchen.

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So were do i start, well i guess the obvious is the passion i’ve always had for baking and making desserts. Ask my brother Paul and he’ll tell you I’ve been placing sprinkles on anything and everything since he can remember. I’ve been baking and making sweets for family and friends for years now. People attending family functions would always ask where the desserts were purchased and my family would say, those cakes are by Cathy. Then they would ask, where is that bakery and my family would laugh while pointing at me and saying no, those cakes are by Cathy . People were always surprised that they weren’t bakery bought and would ask me to make something for their parties. I never fancied myself a baker, but i really enjoyed baking and making people smile. Well one recommendation led to another and another and here i am moving forward with my passion for baking and venturing out of my family and into yours.  Join me on my journey from a girl who loves baking on the side for family and friends to a girl baking her way into your homes. Wish me luck!!!

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